Friday, June 29, 2007

Fridays @ Work: 5 things you can do in under a minute to improve work

Aren't I charming to use the @ sign in my title? So 90's!

Anyhow, this will be my regular Friday column about the crux between work and weekend life. This, especially, is a weekend of all weekends for me, as I have M - W off (W is the 4th of July).

Today's topic is good works in the workplace that can be done in under one minute. Sorry if I get a little preachalicious. I feel strongly.

1. Replace the bottled water when you drink the last cup (or even, almost the last cup).

We all like a nice, clean, non-chlorinated drink of aqua from time to time. Water is The Essential Thing that we are all made of. We forget we have it easy; our forebears had to climb mountains or uncover streams to locate water nowhere near as clean as this H2O we take for granted. And I'VE SEEN YOU, YES YOU, walk away from the water because it needed a new bottle. I'VE SEEN YOU leave two tablespoons of water for the next person. Anyone under or close to 100 pounds has a special dispensation due to the weight of the water. For the chunky rest of us? Come on! Remember your mom and her insistence upon refilling of the paper products. Who likes to be caught with a spilled Coke on the floor, and no paper towelling in sight? So refill the water. Anyhow, do you really want to be running back to work? A little exercise could do us good. And water. You just channel your inner Viking! Throw that jug of water on your shoulder and heave-ho, you Water Superhero!

2. Don't wear perfume.

This topic is emotionally charged. People feel that their scent defines them as much as their clothing or their words. However, for those with chemical sensitivities, your perfume/cologne/deodorant/hand lotion/dryer sheets can cause asthma attacks, migraines, and itchiness to rival your Second Grade Chickenpox. It's not just a matter of avoiding you, it is a matter of avoiding the air you have touched. Can ya see how that might be hard? :-) So, as difficult as it may be, don't load up with AXE before going to work. Even though Opium may be your idea of heaven, it could be my idea of one hell of a headachy afternoon and itchy night.

3. When you ask "How are you?" listen for the response.

Pleasantries can be overlooked, but they really help bond us together. Our lives interact in so many visible and invisible ways. Knowing someone is having a great time at home can help free you to ask them for work favors. Knowing someone is struggling at home can help you understand when they don't refill the water cooler. Just a thought! :-)

4. Encourage your cave dwelling compadres to emerge into the light.

The natural world is our world, yet we divide ourselves from the sun, the rain, the trees. It is practical to do this, but (literally) it is unnatural. So go outside for a few minutes. Soak up some sun. Hug a tree. Gauge the breeze. Notice the phase of the moon. It's good stuff.

5. Tell people when they do a good job.

Okay, this is corny, but really tell people when they do well. If you notice yourself relying upon someone, tell that person how invaluable he/she is. We all have an inner kindergartner who likes a gold star.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mercury in Retrograde and Backwards Voodoo Rituals

Yesterday in Channelling Practice, we were running white light energy through our bodies, contacting a healing guide, and clearing karma with John's business/psychic partner, Gloria, who has just broken her leg.

The idea with clearing karma (or, past energy arrangements, cords, pictures, lifetime agreements) with Gloria is that we could free Gloria's energy and get out of her space so that her energy can be fully directed towards healing herself, instead of tied up in historical knots with us. Often people travel in the same circles lifetime after lifetime, with different relationships to the same people over and over--until we learn what we need to from each other.

So, my healing guide came in on the white light energy, and it was an incarnation of myself, a voodoo priest/ess. I was withdrawing a ritual I'd cast on Gloria (her former incarnation). The smoke returned to the candle. The herbs returned to my hands. The spit whiskey returned to my mouth. I walked counter to the previous direction. I drew sigils backwards to take them off of her. All the energy invested in the ritual was purified, all physical items burnt to ash, no harm done or meant.

I found this fascinating. When I see pictures of past lives, I am often a shaman of some sort.

I shared with the group. A very lovely woman who I've chatted with on a number of occasions said: maybe the voodoo came up because of the broken bones! Now for the Mercury Retrograde part. I was immediately offended. Although she was trying to be cute/funny, it sounded as if she were laughing at my vision, calling it "imagination" instead of truth. I said, trying to be joke-y to avoid sounding hurt: "My imagination just doesn't run in those directions." What I meant was that this wasn't something I would have chosen for a fantastical "dream past".

She was joking, but communication just immediately broke down. And nobody found my experience cool and/or funny. They seemed a little taken aback, seeming to be thinking: Why is casting a voodoo spell on Gloria funny?!

It is funny how in people's past lives they are always "Napoleon" or "Joan of Arc" instead of a pauper in a village, a small caterpillar, or a lawyer in the 50's. Am I guilty of such high standards for the travels of my embodiment? Or do I see truth?

As for the Mercury in Retrograde? It could have validity. I must read more on it. My soul did mention that I am a little too arrogant about my psychic ability for my own good. I will have to meditate on that. Harumph. In the meantime, don't cross me, I have a predilection for poppets and pins.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mortgage Woes: The Unbearable Coolness of Me

I have already screwed up my mortgage payments due to a misunderstood codicil in the online paperwork for an automatic payment plan. My first automatic payment was taken out, but then the second one wasn't. When I called, I find out that the company cancelled the plan because I hadn't paid an extra month in advance (which I couldn't get from the documentation). I also was charged a $52 late charge, and $12 for paying with the customer service agent (instead of mailing it).

I write this because I find it hard to believe that this is really my fault. These strange rules are put in place to suck the life out of people who can barely afford their mortgages as it is. I mean, I have a Master's degree and I couldn't figure it out. If I had let it go...not called when I didn't see the next payment withdrawn...?

Things like this have happened frequently to me. For example, there was the time when I had to use AOL to dial up. I tried to cancel, but the person on the phone told me "well, you have 25 days left of service, why not cancel at the end of the 25 days?". I told them okay, well then cancel me after those days. However, it doesn't work that way, you have to call them precisely when you want to cancel. So I accidentally forgot to cancel it, and ended up with 6 months of AOL payments on my credit card statements. Since my payments were made automatically, I didn't notice the line item for the AOL. One month I knew I hadn't used the card, and still was billed, so I checked into it and--lo and behold--an AOL charge. I had not so much as checked an email or surfed the web for 8 months, and still, nobody thought to contact me to cancel my account. How much money does AOL make from these strange rules?

Well, they might have made some money on me, but my level of animosity towards AOL (yes, I know, animosity is an unhealthy emotion) is high. I would never recommend anyone use their services. Ever. And my mortgage company, Countrywide (after the loan was sold to a different company than I was dealing with originally-- apparently a common practice), has instantly left a bad taste in my mouth.

Where is the good customer service?

So what's funny about this? Nothing. Just sharing.

What's wonderful about this? Well, all it took for me to get over the Countrywide debacle last night was a few pieces of pizza and a new episode of The Closer. It's the simple things.

Much love to the fantastically sly Universe.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice, Bad Witch, Too!

Summer Solstice is at 2:06PM today. In less crazy times I'd have celebrated with at least a little ritual to welcome the season, give thanks for my blessings, and thank the Goddess.

However, I am at work, it looks to rain heartily, and I've prepared nothing. I'm a good witch, I am! (protests)

Perhaps this little blog entry is my celebration.
We have so much to celebrate. I thank the universe for my attic fan, as it noisily brings in the cool nighttime air. I am blessed with an interesting life and a steady job. I have a whole herd of amazingly loving animal babies at my house. The natural world balances me graciously in its arms. I enjoy walking outdoors and feeling the lushness of the trees brush my cheeks (the energy of the lushness, not really the trees themselves). I live in a place rich with water, sunshine, and greenery. Love is abundant.

From the psychic perspective, I have a lot of blocks that I'm constantly working on (I just figured this out this morning), like sedimentary rocks being dissolved from parts of my aura. The heaviness of the blockages is tiring. Yet it is all interesting, and I'm glad to see what I need to see to act upon those blocks more consciously.

PJ told me he's had two pet snakes curl tightly around a florite crystal to die. The crystal feels good psychically. I wonder if it is the florite in general, or just for the benefit of PJ, who is very spiritually close to the creatures.

I celebrate every day.

I'm a very naughty psychic

I've been a bad little psychic.

The group had a telephone session last night (our first) and I dialed in obediently. Usually with this form of meditation I am sitting in a straight-backed chair, but since I am in my house full of boxes, and to avoid being bothered by the television, I went upstairs and laid down on the bed to meditate. My tiny chihuahua, Macchiato, snuggled up next to me to do his own form of meditation.

I put the phone on speaker, and within clearing of the first chakra I fell asleep. I can't even claim to have been simply out of body-- since I have no recollection whatsoever of the entire hour.

Thank goodness all the students were on mute or else my snoring (I have sleep apnea, currently poorly controlled) might have been seriously disruptive. "Stay in the center of your head, and focus on your third...SNNNNNNNURGHHHHH, humuna humuna hummmuhnaaaa. SNurt!".

However, that was a fantastic nap and I don't feel that badly about it. I have been pretty exhausted lately. I wish I'd stayed alert for concepts, however. Perhaps my dreaming self followed along with the meditation.

Hah hah to those looking for dirty thoughts and whatnot-- I'm not that kind of blogger! :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Adventurers Club

There is this fantastic concept out there on the web, this thing of light, it is called the Adventurers Club. This group of individuals works to inspire us to live out our dreams. Even though it is a commercial prospect, I see the truth of it.

I get their daily Notes from the Universe. While simple, they can be occasionally profound. I imagine that the self-improvement materials there could also be worth taking a look at, too.

I took the

Today's Adventure

Today's post details the psychological characteristics of a server I had at Red Robin. No kidding. I am no psychoanalyst, but this poor kid gushed out his life story to my partner and I, at the booth while we ordered giant burgers.

The young man was handsome, yet very chunky, and he was sweating like he'd just run a 20K in the Sahara. He talked speedily, and regaled us with pleasantries, explaining the entire menu to us (hmm, we've seen menus before). He felt it necessary to share with us that he'd fought with his girlfriend, couldn't sleep at all the previous night, and needed desparately to do laundry.We were chid for being "booth snobs", as all the servers struggle for tips if they don't have booths in their territories.

This kid's aura was all over the place, upset, dazed, frazzled, yet trying to please. The chaos was interesting to listen to. I think my partner felt he should charge for counseling time (he is a social worker!). In the noise of the crowded restaurant, with the whirr of the blender, the blare of the music, and the laughing, crying, scolding, and discussing coming from all tables, I could see that our server really was being impacted by it all.

Come to think of it, I need to do some clearing to release the stress of this scene. It was madly chaotic, and noisy environments are difficult for me to bear (noisy psychically as well as physically loud). Ground ground ground. Don't let me throw that trip on you-- you ground too, if you like.

I've got so much joy about the evening. We went out to somewhere fun (instead of fast food), and I enjoyed being out and about. The food was fantastic, and I got a smoothie (feeling virtuous, although the caloric expenditure was no doubt high). The guy was funny, that's what I'm saying.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Basic Psychic Development: An Essential Book in Any Seeker's Library

I highly recommend Basic Psychic Development by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher for budding psychics and anyone interested in self-improvement, even non-hippie types. This book contains practical information you can use to improve your life. This is not about bending spoons or World Domination. You will not be firestarting or raising voodoo zombies from the dead with this book. No, This book focuses on exercises you can do to balance and utilize your energy wisely, to know yourself better, and to enjoy life more.
Use this book to:
  • Learn about chakras, the energy centers of the body
  • Explore your true purpose on the planet
  • Become more aware of your intuition
  • Balance your energy and heal old wounds
  • Interact skillfully with others

Basic Psychic Development: A User's Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance


Grounding is integral to my life these days, but I can remember when I was rarely grounded. Things upset me greatly. Imagined or real slights. Bad grades. The wrong kind of breakfast cereal. Being around people was a drug- with good or harmful effects.

So what's comedic about being ungrounded? SO MUCH. A passel of teens running around with amorphous personal spaces, sucking up each other's angst like so many cokes, emotionally unstable, can be a little funny. One kid on the road who rear-ended me was probably not grounded and running off Brittney Spears energy, Paris Hilton energy, and LaKisha energy-- not her own energy. So how can we expect her to pay attention? She's got a Grecian chorus disagreeing in her head. It's like running a humidifier full of corn oil.

As a teen, I read fantasy novels about imaginary worlds of wizardry, magic, special powers, and kings and queens. There were many *sighs*, many fights to the death, much pageantry. Most particularly, I enjoyed Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar. Her heroes and heroines were valiant, passionate, wounded types--with great mystical powers that needed to be honed and controlled (else they become a danger to themselves and others). Grounding in Valdemar (if I remember correctly) included using rooms with woven magic around them, using stones that were fused with the earth, and working with protections on ley lines. Others could also "ground you" using their own magical powers or ghostly guardians. Everyone has names like Moonflower or Starchalice.

The wisdom and accuracy of those fantastical writings is surprising. But working with energy isn't necessarily magical. After all, the spark of life in all of us is mysterious, but not usually otherworldly. The energy that flows in our bodies is clear to see. Otherwise, how would we move, think, or communicate? The encoding of our DNA, the birth of a higher consciousness on Earth-- all this is really special, and never required a wand.

Since we are bodies comprised of energy, it isn't a far stretch to understand that energy affects us greatly. The energy of others is most plainly felt when strong emotions are involved. Ever know who walked into a room before the person announced their presence? Ever known the caller before answering a ringing phone? Ever noticed your day become bad after talking with a friend in misery? These show the permeability of the fields of energy around us every day.

Tuning into the energies of the world and its people can be exciting. It gives us greater insight into how people are feeling, and can even reveal "secret" information that you might not be privy to through your other senses. But how do you keep from allowing all these competing energies to dictate your existence? Grounding. Grounding. Grounding.

Working with John Friedlander, I learned to ground by imagining (or simply creating) a cord of energy from my first chakra to the core of the Earth. This is like a cosmic safety net. Like grounding for an outlet in your bathroom, the grounding helps keep you safe and energetically balanced. Energies that are not useful are reabsorbed into the Earth.

Each person has their own energy or energies that are native energies. My energies work best with me. If I keep this energy flowing, it is a hygienic process like blood circulating. Good things are carried to their locations, bad things are carried away, and the organism grows and progresses. Other energies that I can use are the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. These energies are universally useful and strengthening- and it's hard to "bite off more than you can chew" since they are self-regulating.

Using the energies of other people is not healthy because that energy is tuned to the others' frequencies. It is not the right food for you. So grounding helps keep the energy system running properly, and encourages you to run off of your own energy, Earth energy, and Cosmos energy instead of other people's energy or the energy of other beings. (Christians may consider Earth and Cosmos energy to really be the strengthening and protective energies of God.)

Okay, so grounding is a topic that takes me all over the map, because its importance is profound for the purposes of using one's own energy. But I want to write a little about the emotional benefits of being grounded. Grounding helps you to be responsible to the needs of your soul. The soul has an agenda for you, and goals for improvement over many lifetimes. Being grounded helps you to recognize (or even, just follow without recognizing) your true purpose here.

After all, your purpose in life is not really to put in your 40 hours a week at work, right? Your purpose is not to get stuck in traffic or be pulled over for speeding. Nope! Bigger and higher purposes await all of us. The lessons of day-to-day life are important if we run off our own energy, because that improves you in the grand scheme of things. If we run off other energies- well, that's a side trip, not progress in the right direction.

So, if you're not grounded right now, try it!

Friday, June 15, 2007

What's funny today??

Pure happiness gives me a smile today, even with the taste of bad coffee in my mouth, a light headache, and an insufficient bank account. You can laugh because I am "hippied-out" today with my gray embroidered dress and my Crocs and my mismatched (both black) socks. You can laugh because my tattoo is showing and I love it. You can smile because my ponytail is probably what's giving me the slight headache.

I can smile because my blog's name is Spla-choo, because I am a technical writing psychic, and because I had a stale jelly stick (Dunkin Donuts Donut) that probably turned my tongue a slight tinge of red along with the brownish yellow tinge from the coffee. I can smile because I am a fortunate homeowner (at least, mortgager) about to hand over the old keys to the old landlord, Hallelujiah!

I can smile because I enjoy the simple things in life, like my partner taking me out for Dairy Queen last night. I can smile for the too many nuts in my sundae (yes, I didn't know it was possible).

I can smile because I've shared this with you, the ether, or at least myself for bringing it all into conscious thought. I can smile because I'm an Alaskan and I saw an Alaska license plate today.

I love this life, and I thank my soul for picking it out.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

100 Words to Know

This lists the 100 words every high school graduate should know. I suppose that means I should know them too!

I'm a little hazy on a few of these. Better start reading that dictionary again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy, what's a psychic?

I think some people might be turned off or offended by my use of the term psychic. After all, it can refer to mind-readers, spoon-benders, fire-starters, hoax-spreaders, Ouija-board-users, telephone-cheaters, and the like. However, I have learned that being psychic has more to do with developing one’s ability to sense the things that are frequently unseen, unheard, unnoticed. Also, being psychic is a journey of mine to become more authentic to myself. I tap into energies larger than myself (some would say higher power energies) and I’m able to clarify my own mission on this planet.

Sure, I have some strange beliefs. For example, I do believe in reincarnation. But is that any stranger than believing in virgin birth, The Flood, or a host of angels in ranks? However, these beliefs don’t really intertwine with being psychic. I could be psychic and Christian, or psychic and agnostic.

This all sounds very Aquarian, right, very crystal energy and yadda yadda yadda? Well, yes. Having a sense of humor means that sometimes you have to laugh about the weirdness. What verifiable proof have I about auras, chakras, or higher planes? No proof whatsoever. What proof have you that God hears you pray? Again, no proof. There is faith involved here. But the bigger mission, bigger than knowing the precise configuration of the truth, is the seeking. I practice meditation and developing my intuition because I feel I learn truths, I feel more healthy and supported, and I feel interested and interesting.

Know that most psychics cannot necessarily pick each thought from your brain like a cosmic pickpocket—even the very talented ones. Most psychics don’t have great luck picking lottery numbers. Being psychic is not a parlor trick, or a game, not for the honest. Messages and intuitions come through patchily sometimes, but the cool thing is that the messages aren’t really the important part.

This is all unclear, and goes against my urge to write this technically. What’s so funny about being a psychic? Well, the bullshit meter has to be on All The Time. Constantly I weigh the useful against the suspect. Imagine living in a world where the laws of gravity changed daily, or were so complex they were hard to quantify. That’s my world. Having an open mind means sometimes I have to suspend disbelief before I say X, Y, or Z is completely inane.

Think about Dark Matter. Proven? Believed in? What about God. Proven? Believed in?

If there is a choice between believe and not-believe, I will always be on the side of believe. There’s no question. Because I know of the infinite mystery of all that is. I know there is so much we don’t know. I am not the definer of truth, nor is my sense any more valuable than others sense—but I do know that majority doesn’t always know better. The majority used to believe in hitting children. The majority used to believe in marrying off 12 year old girls to 40 year old men. The majority used to believe in a flat world. What other majority beliefs are pure crapola?

So, this post makes no sense. But since nobody is reading this blog, I assume I’ll be safe.

Monday, June 11, 2007

How's the unpacking going?

Ah, well the unpacking has yet to start. We are still hauling the last remnants from the rental house into the new house. It has been a pretty rough couple of weeks. We really pushed to try to get it done over the weekend, but failed to get everything out (final move-out is Friday midnight, cleaning people coming tomorrow AM). So, there will be a few more days of moving back and forth. A lot couldn’t be moved by the movers because it was fragile, unwieldy, or not packed yet. Some we just didn’t think about until it was too late (the mysterious under-sink zone, replete with liquor I hardly ever touch, cleaning supplies I touch less frequently, shoe polish, and empty peanut butter jars). Oh the joy of it all. Somehow PJ and I are still together, no major arguments (although there have been hints of terseness), all of the animals are still contained, and we maintain our sanity (barely).

Until that magical time when we hand over our keys to the landlord, and hopefully get the full deposit back (to waterproof our basement, at least, a start to that), we are like little rats in our maze of boxes. Frankly it is a little ridiculous! You have to laugh. At least we have pathways to necessary items (easy chairs, television, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen sink, refrigerator, sunroom, and various exits). The cats love burrowing in boxes and befurring clothing that is stacked here and there.

Wish us luck in the meantime!

How Are You?

How are you?
Peachy, just spent all weekend hauling boxes of crap I'll never use from my rental house to my new (1914, Dutch Colonial) house.
That good, huh?
That good. And my partner is about to fall apart at the knees.
The knees?
He has bad knees.
Anyway, this has been awfully tiresome. We'll be glad when the move is officially over June 15.
Ah, there could be worse things to complain about then being able to afford a house.
(Um) Correction, being able to borrow the money for a house.
But we are fortunate, yes. Even when other homeowners croon "Ah-hah, the basement flooding! The trouble is just beginning, it's never-ending. You don't own the house. The house owns YOU!" (Cackle)

We adore our house, and are conscious of the luck and the hard work that goes into such a venture. We are lucky that my Mom and Dad loaned me the money to pay off my credit cards (ran up the cards on dental work, woo woo, I'm a party girl) so I have a good credit score. We are fortunate to be employed at good places. We are rare and special because we have each other, two chihuahuas, and two kitties. I'm happy. But--I'm dead tired. This is a magic wand moment. Too bad mine only works for dowsing and finding lost television remotes.

Much love to the mad ass universe.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Find your meditation

What keeps you grounded, moving forward, challenged but safe, peaceful yet motivated, interesting yet not full of yourself? Meditation.

Meditation has many forms, a few of which I'll list. There's prayer, silent meditation, ritual, guided meditation, walking meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, energy work, knitting-- just to name a few. Regardless of the spiritual impact or flavor of the meditation, I recommend it.

Most meditations encourage a form of balance or rootedness.

What do people do without meditation? The waves and upswells of emotion crash over them, and like buoys they are swept around. The environment, however natural, seems more violent. Other people, however well-meaning, seem more devious. Any perceived slight is magnified and carried through the day.

The other day I was caught in a flash downpour on the highway, and the traffic slowed to around 40 mph. Even that 40 mph seemed a little fast for me, as I couldn't see more than blurs with the water pelting my windshield. I turned on my flashers (you may giggle) and tried to keep sight of the car in front of me, staying in the fast lane because changing lanes would have been dangerous. In just a few minutes, the rain cleared and people started to get their bearings. I turned off my blinkers and looked in my rearview mirror, just to see a young man grimacing with anger. Then he honked his horn multiple times, nearly running his red pickup truck into my Civic, and raced around me on the right, craning his neck to holler at me in disgust. He was a sort of gargoyle of a man.

This displays perfect need for meditation. My slow car, even in a reasonable environment, fired this man up to a level where he was furious. He had no ability to analyse the situation logically because of his anger. He had no ability to empathize with me (seeing less of the road being in a smaller vehicle, not seeing flashing lights in front of me like he had with my flashers). And, most importantly, he had no sense of humor about the whole thing.

Because of my meditation work, I was able to separate myself energetically from him (in more common terms, I let his anger roll off of me without impacting me). I was able to see that he felt justified in his outrage. And I was able to move on. Before meditation? Well, I would have had to be upset, afraid to drive, and indignant for at least a week. After meditation? I can laugh! How funny. I could have saved his life with my prudence.

In prayer, which I consider another form of meditation, there is a conversation with a higher power. Just the act of conversing about one's needs and shortcomings can be self-improving, regardless of the higher power's response. Feeling safe allows the person who prays to become more positive, empathetic, resourceful, and compassionate-- and more able to accept the world as it is with faith. Perhaps this is just my take on it, as I haven't prayed, as such, in a long time.

The type of meditation I do could be considered as weird by many. It is energy work, in which representations of the body's energy system (composed of chakras and aura layers) are cleared, straightened, and "plumped up" with the energy of the Earth and the sun (stars, universe, solar system). This could be likened to Christians asking the holy spirit or God to come in to them for healing. I am helping my energy to become more authentic, by clearing out the energy of others.

Why clear out the energy of others? It is done because everyone runs on their own energy the most efficiently and authentically. Running on somebody else's energy not only makes you behave unlike yourself, but it does not have beneficial results. You can feel tired, angry, or unable to deal with the situations you are placed in.

I also take the time to bring all my energy into current time, as much as possible. I think about this as not "resting on my laurels". In other words, what you did a few years ago may be interesting but it does not define you now. Your actions at this moment define you now. You need all your energy in this moment, not tied up with past good or bad events, not tied up in future longings.

What are your feelings on this?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Creativity at Work

So creativity at work, what do we think?

Some think it is a waste of time for the non-management types to be creative, if they are not paid to do so. After all, creativity has the possible result of RESULTS, a storm of change, thunder, lightning, and massive drift from the norm. Is that kosher where you work?

Keeping the brain cells firing is so important that the 5 minutes I spend on creativity are paying me back. How?

  • I am interested in what I’m doing
  • I’m interesting
  • I can make connections between what I have done, what I’m doing, what I will do, and what others do
  • I help others stay interested


Creativity isn’t really about desk toys or getting-to-know-you activities. It is the day to day mind-yoga that allows travel to other planes of existence. Creativity gives us atmosphere to breathe.

Read something, okay?!

There is this awesome site:

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ode to a Garage Sale

Perhaps it would be smarter to give everything away
than to sort, label, dicker, bake in the sun all day
and watch people paw your stuff
until you've had quite enough

Perhaps it would make sense to get another job
washing windows, or doing psychic readings
instead of waiting for some jerk to buy your old stereo
maybe it would be better to weed the garden or water seedlings

Perhaps I am indignant because I suffered trying to give these bits away
and they very easily avoided the most tempting novel or knick-knack.

I think rhyming is getting old, but the upshot is that the garage sale was difficult. I put out my best second-best items...and not very many people took the bait. I tried to be generous with my giving, but they weren't buying. I felt invalidated. Now I had better work on that, hadn't I?

Maybe it was just too much sun.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Strange: LinkedIn

Strange that once you decide to jump in to the modern idea of the workplace you can find it hard to jump back out. Networking, meeting, lunching, greeting, handshaking, blogging, facebooking, iming, blackberrying, oh brother!

Not that I don’t love it.

Every new connection sews a square on a quilt of coverage. Who would be fun to do something with? Sure. But who can introduce me to whom? Even better. Who can expose me to another philosophy, a different cultural experience, another technical idea? Each connection opens a prism into more knowledge, different vocabularies of thought, different imagery. This is more than what you talk about over lunch. This goes down to the sociopolitical direction of your brain. More logic. More creativity. More ability. More emotional intelligence. Maybe even more money. All can be gained by knowing more people, making more connections.

But do I have it in me? Somewhere it seems a little dubious, like being forced to send Valentines to all your classmates on February 14. How do you know who really likes you and who is just building a network? How can people know this about me?

I just like people but I do also see the more strategic benefits. Is this just wrong?