Thursday, June 7, 2007

Creativity at Work

So creativity at work, what do we think?

Some think it is a waste of time for the non-management types to be creative, if they are not paid to do so. After all, creativity has the possible result of RESULTS, a storm of change, thunder, lightning, and massive drift from the norm. Is that kosher where you work?

Keeping the brain cells firing is so important that the 5 minutes I spend on creativity are paying me back. How?

  • I am interested in what I’m doing
  • I’m interesting
  • I can make connections between what I have done, what I’m doing, what I will do, and what others do
  • I help others stay interested


Creativity isn’t really about desk toys or getting-to-know-you activities. It is the day to day mind-yoga that allows travel to other planes of existence. Creativity gives us atmosphere to breathe.

Read something, okay?!

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