Saturday, June 9, 2007

Find your meditation

What keeps you grounded, moving forward, challenged but safe, peaceful yet motivated, interesting yet not full of yourself? Meditation.

Meditation has many forms, a few of which I'll list. There's prayer, silent meditation, ritual, guided meditation, walking meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, energy work, knitting-- just to name a few. Regardless of the spiritual impact or flavor of the meditation, I recommend it.

Most meditations encourage a form of balance or rootedness.

What do people do without meditation? The waves and upswells of emotion crash over them, and like buoys they are swept around. The environment, however natural, seems more violent. Other people, however well-meaning, seem more devious. Any perceived slight is magnified and carried through the day.

The other day I was caught in a flash downpour on the highway, and the traffic slowed to around 40 mph. Even that 40 mph seemed a little fast for me, as I couldn't see more than blurs with the water pelting my windshield. I turned on my flashers (you may giggle) and tried to keep sight of the car in front of me, staying in the fast lane because changing lanes would have been dangerous. In just a few minutes, the rain cleared and people started to get their bearings. I turned off my blinkers and looked in my rearview mirror, just to see a young man grimacing with anger. Then he honked his horn multiple times, nearly running his red pickup truck into my Civic, and raced around me on the right, craning his neck to holler at me in disgust. He was a sort of gargoyle of a man.

This displays perfect need for meditation. My slow car, even in a reasonable environment, fired this man up to a level where he was furious. He had no ability to analyse the situation logically because of his anger. He had no ability to empathize with me (seeing less of the road being in a smaller vehicle, not seeing flashing lights in front of me like he had with my flashers). And, most importantly, he had no sense of humor about the whole thing.

Because of my meditation work, I was able to separate myself energetically from him (in more common terms, I let his anger roll off of me without impacting me). I was able to see that he felt justified in his outrage. And I was able to move on. Before meditation? Well, I would have had to be upset, afraid to drive, and indignant for at least a week. After meditation? I can laugh! How funny. I could have saved his life with my prudence.

In prayer, which I consider another form of meditation, there is a conversation with a higher power. Just the act of conversing about one's needs and shortcomings can be self-improving, regardless of the higher power's response. Feeling safe allows the person who prays to become more positive, empathetic, resourceful, and compassionate-- and more able to accept the world as it is with faith. Perhaps this is just my take on it, as I haven't prayed, as such, in a long time.

The type of meditation I do could be considered as weird by many. It is energy work, in which representations of the body's energy system (composed of chakras and aura layers) are cleared, straightened, and "plumped up" with the energy of the Earth and the sun (stars, universe, solar system). This could be likened to Christians asking the holy spirit or God to come in to them for healing. I am helping my energy to become more authentic, by clearing out the energy of others.

Why clear out the energy of others? It is done because everyone runs on their own energy the most efficiently and authentically. Running on somebody else's energy not only makes you behave unlike yourself, but it does not have beneficial results. You can feel tired, angry, or unable to deal with the situations you are placed in.

I also take the time to bring all my energy into current time, as much as possible. I think about this as not "resting on my laurels". In other words, what you did a few years ago may be interesting but it does not define you now. Your actions at this moment define you now. You need all your energy in this moment, not tied up with past good or bad events, not tied up in future longings.

What are your feelings on this?

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