Saturday, June 16, 2007


Grounding is integral to my life these days, but I can remember when I was rarely grounded. Things upset me greatly. Imagined or real slights. Bad grades. The wrong kind of breakfast cereal. Being around people was a drug- with good or harmful effects.

So what's comedic about being ungrounded? SO MUCH. A passel of teens running around with amorphous personal spaces, sucking up each other's angst like so many cokes, emotionally unstable, can be a little funny. One kid on the road who rear-ended me was probably not grounded and running off Brittney Spears energy, Paris Hilton energy, and LaKisha energy-- not her own energy. So how can we expect her to pay attention? She's got a Grecian chorus disagreeing in her head. It's like running a humidifier full of corn oil.

As a teen, I read fantasy novels about imaginary worlds of wizardry, magic, special powers, and kings and queens. There were many *sighs*, many fights to the death, much pageantry. Most particularly, I enjoyed Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar. Her heroes and heroines were valiant, passionate, wounded types--with great mystical powers that needed to be honed and controlled (else they become a danger to themselves and others). Grounding in Valdemar (if I remember correctly) included using rooms with woven magic around them, using stones that were fused with the earth, and working with protections on ley lines. Others could also "ground you" using their own magical powers or ghostly guardians. Everyone has names like Moonflower or Starchalice.

The wisdom and accuracy of those fantastical writings is surprising. But working with energy isn't necessarily magical. After all, the spark of life in all of us is mysterious, but not usually otherworldly. The energy that flows in our bodies is clear to see. Otherwise, how would we move, think, or communicate? The encoding of our DNA, the birth of a higher consciousness on Earth-- all this is really special, and never required a wand.

Since we are bodies comprised of energy, it isn't a far stretch to understand that energy affects us greatly. The energy of others is most plainly felt when strong emotions are involved. Ever know who walked into a room before the person announced their presence? Ever known the caller before answering a ringing phone? Ever noticed your day become bad after talking with a friend in misery? These show the permeability of the fields of energy around us every day.

Tuning into the energies of the world and its people can be exciting. It gives us greater insight into how people are feeling, and can even reveal "secret" information that you might not be privy to through your other senses. But how do you keep from allowing all these competing energies to dictate your existence? Grounding. Grounding. Grounding.

Working with John Friedlander, I learned to ground by imagining (or simply creating) a cord of energy from my first chakra to the core of the Earth. This is like a cosmic safety net. Like grounding for an outlet in your bathroom, the grounding helps keep you safe and energetically balanced. Energies that are not useful are reabsorbed into the Earth.

Each person has their own energy or energies that are native energies. My energies work best with me. If I keep this energy flowing, it is a hygienic process like blood circulating. Good things are carried to their locations, bad things are carried away, and the organism grows and progresses. Other energies that I can use are the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. These energies are universally useful and strengthening- and it's hard to "bite off more than you can chew" since they are self-regulating.

Using the energies of other people is not healthy because that energy is tuned to the others' frequencies. It is not the right food for you. So grounding helps keep the energy system running properly, and encourages you to run off of your own energy, Earth energy, and Cosmos energy instead of other people's energy or the energy of other beings. (Christians may consider Earth and Cosmos energy to really be the strengthening and protective energies of God.)

Okay, so grounding is a topic that takes me all over the map, because its importance is profound for the purposes of using one's own energy. But I want to write a little about the emotional benefits of being grounded. Grounding helps you to be responsible to the needs of your soul. The soul has an agenda for you, and goals for improvement over many lifetimes. Being grounded helps you to recognize (or even, just follow without recognizing) your true purpose here.

After all, your purpose in life is not really to put in your 40 hours a week at work, right? Your purpose is not to get stuck in traffic or be pulled over for speeding. Nope! Bigger and higher purposes await all of us. The lessons of day-to-day life are important if we run off our own energy, because that improves you in the grand scheme of things. If we run off other energies- well, that's a side trip, not progress in the right direction.

So, if you're not grounded right now, try it!

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