Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice, Bad Witch, Too!

Summer Solstice is at 2:06PM today. In less crazy times I'd have celebrated with at least a little ritual to welcome the season, give thanks for my blessings, and thank the Goddess.

However, I am at work, it looks to rain heartily, and I've prepared nothing. I'm a good witch, I am! (protests)

Perhaps this little blog entry is my celebration.
We have so much to celebrate. I thank the universe for my attic fan, as it noisily brings in the cool nighttime air. I am blessed with an interesting life and a steady job. I have a whole herd of amazingly loving animal babies at my house. The natural world balances me graciously in its arms. I enjoy walking outdoors and feeling the lushness of the trees brush my cheeks (the energy of the lushness, not really the trees themselves). I live in a place rich with water, sunshine, and greenery. Love is abundant.

From the psychic perspective, I have a lot of blocks that I'm constantly working on (I just figured this out this morning), like sedimentary rocks being dissolved from parts of my aura. The heaviness of the blockages is tiring. Yet it is all interesting, and I'm glad to see what I need to see to act upon those blocks more consciously.

PJ told me he's had two pet snakes curl tightly around a florite crystal to die. The crystal feels good psychically. I wonder if it is the florite in general, or just for the benefit of PJ, who is very spiritually close to the creatures.

I celebrate every day.

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