Monday, June 11, 2007

How Are You?

How are you?
Peachy, just spent all weekend hauling boxes of crap I'll never use from my rental house to my new (1914, Dutch Colonial) house.
That good, huh?
That good. And my partner is about to fall apart at the knees.
The knees?
He has bad knees.
Anyway, this has been awfully tiresome. We'll be glad when the move is officially over June 15.
Ah, there could be worse things to complain about then being able to afford a house.
(Um) Correction, being able to borrow the money for a house.
But we are fortunate, yes. Even when other homeowners croon "Ah-hah, the basement flooding! The trouble is just beginning, it's never-ending. You don't own the house. The house owns YOU!" (Cackle)

We adore our house, and are conscious of the luck and the hard work that goes into such a venture. We are lucky that my Mom and Dad loaned me the money to pay off my credit cards (ran up the cards on dental work, woo woo, I'm a party girl) so I have a good credit score. We are fortunate to be employed at good places. We are rare and special because we have each other, two chihuahuas, and two kitties. I'm happy. But--I'm dead tired. This is a magic wand moment. Too bad mine only works for dowsing and finding lost television remotes.

Much love to the mad ass universe.

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