Monday, June 11, 2007

How's the unpacking going?

Ah, well the unpacking has yet to start. We are still hauling the last remnants from the rental house into the new house. It has been a pretty rough couple of weeks. We really pushed to try to get it done over the weekend, but failed to get everything out (final move-out is Friday midnight, cleaning people coming tomorrow AM). So, there will be a few more days of moving back and forth. A lot couldn’t be moved by the movers because it was fragile, unwieldy, or not packed yet. Some we just didn’t think about until it was too late (the mysterious under-sink zone, replete with liquor I hardly ever touch, cleaning supplies I touch less frequently, shoe polish, and empty peanut butter jars). Oh the joy of it all. Somehow PJ and I are still together, no major arguments (although there have been hints of terseness), all of the animals are still contained, and we maintain our sanity (barely).

Until that magical time when we hand over our keys to the landlord, and hopefully get the full deposit back (to waterproof our basement, at least, a start to that), we are like little rats in our maze of boxes. Frankly it is a little ridiculous! You have to laugh. At least we have pathways to necessary items (easy chairs, television, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen sink, refrigerator, sunroom, and various exits). The cats love burrowing in boxes and befurring clothing that is stacked here and there.

Wish us luck in the meantime!

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