Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm a very naughty psychic

I've been a bad little psychic.

The group had a telephone session last night (our first) and I dialed in obediently. Usually with this form of meditation I am sitting in a straight-backed chair, but since I am in my house full of boxes, and to avoid being bothered by the television, I went upstairs and laid down on the bed to meditate. My tiny chihuahua, Macchiato, snuggled up next to me to do his own form of meditation.

I put the phone on speaker, and within clearing of the first chakra I fell asleep. I can't even claim to have been simply out of body-- since I have no recollection whatsoever of the entire hour.

Thank goodness all the students were on mute or else my snoring (I have sleep apnea, currently poorly controlled) might have been seriously disruptive. "Stay in the center of your head, and focus on your third...SNNNNNNNURGHHHHH, humuna humuna hummmuhnaaaa. SNurt!".

However, that was a fantastic nap and I don't feel that badly about it. I have been pretty exhausted lately. I wish I'd stayed alert for concepts, however. Perhaps my dreaming self followed along with the meditation.

Hah hah to those looking for dirty thoughts and whatnot-- I'm not that kind of blogger! :-)

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