Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mercury in Retrograde and Backwards Voodoo Rituals

Yesterday in Channelling Practice, we were running white light energy through our bodies, contacting a healing guide, and clearing karma with John's business/psychic partner, Gloria, who has just broken her leg.

The idea with clearing karma (or, past energy arrangements, cords, pictures, lifetime agreements) with Gloria is that we could free Gloria's energy and get out of her space so that her energy can be fully directed towards healing herself, instead of tied up in historical knots with us. Often people travel in the same circles lifetime after lifetime, with different relationships to the same people over and over--until we learn what we need to from each other.

So, my healing guide came in on the white light energy, and it was an incarnation of myself, a voodoo priest/ess. I was withdrawing a ritual I'd cast on Gloria (her former incarnation). The smoke returned to the candle. The herbs returned to my hands. The spit whiskey returned to my mouth. I walked counter to the previous direction. I drew sigils backwards to take them off of her. All the energy invested in the ritual was purified, all physical items burnt to ash, no harm done or meant.

I found this fascinating. When I see pictures of past lives, I am often a shaman of some sort.

I shared with the group. A very lovely woman who I've chatted with on a number of occasions said: maybe the voodoo came up because of the broken bones! Now for the Mercury Retrograde part. I was immediately offended. Although she was trying to be cute/funny, it sounded as if she were laughing at my vision, calling it "imagination" instead of truth. I said, trying to be joke-y to avoid sounding hurt: "My imagination just doesn't run in those directions." What I meant was that this wasn't something I would have chosen for a fantastical "dream past".

She was joking, but communication just immediately broke down. And nobody found my experience cool and/or funny. They seemed a little taken aback, seeming to be thinking: Why is casting a voodoo spell on Gloria funny?!

It is funny how in people's past lives they are always "Napoleon" or "Joan of Arc" instead of a pauper in a village, a small caterpillar, or a lawyer in the 50's. Am I guilty of such high standards for the travels of my embodiment? Or do I see truth?

As for the Mercury in Retrograde? It could have validity. I must read more on it. My soul did mention that I am a little too arrogant about my psychic ability for my own good. I will have to meditate on that. Harumph. In the meantime, don't cross me, I have a predilection for poppets and pins.


JB said...

John was just here this weekend teaching the Level 4 class. We too were doing the healing for Gloria. As I was interviewing guides for this, I also selected a shaman woman but as she was about to go into my head, she looked at me mischieviously and turned into a voodoo woman. I wasn't quite sure that was a good idea. At that point the time was up so I never really got to find out anything else. I just wanted to tell you that. Wild!

Rion said...

That is pretty wild:-)