Monday, June 4, 2007

Ode to a Garage Sale

Perhaps it would be smarter to give everything away
than to sort, label, dicker, bake in the sun all day
and watch people paw your stuff
until you've had quite enough

Perhaps it would make sense to get another job
washing windows, or doing psychic readings
instead of waiting for some jerk to buy your old stereo
maybe it would be better to weed the garden or water seedlings

Perhaps I am indignant because I suffered trying to give these bits away
and they very easily avoided the most tempting novel or knick-knack.

I think rhyming is getting old, but the upshot is that the garage sale was difficult. I put out my best second-best items...and not very many people took the bait. I tried to be generous with my giving, but they weren't buying. I felt invalidated. Now I had better work on that, hadn't I?

Maybe it was just too much sun.

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