Friday, June 1, 2007

Strange: LinkedIn

Strange that once you decide to jump in to the modern idea of the workplace you can find it hard to jump back out. Networking, meeting, lunching, greeting, handshaking, blogging, facebooking, iming, blackberrying, oh brother!

Not that I don’t love it.

Every new connection sews a square on a quilt of coverage. Who would be fun to do something with? Sure. But who can introduce me to whom? Even better. Who can expose me to another philosophy, a different cultural experience, another technical idea? Each connection opens a prism into more knowledge, different vocabularies of thought, different imagery. This is more than what you talk about over lunch. This goes down to the sociopolitical direction of your brain. More logic. More creativity. More ability. More emotional intelligence. Maybe even more money. All can be gained by knowing more people, making more connections.

But do I have it in me? Somewhere it seems a little dubious, like being forced to send Valentines to all your classmates on February 14. How do you know who really likes you and who is just building a network? How can people know this about me?

I just like people but I do also see the more strategic benefits. Is this just wrong?

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