Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today's Adventure

Today's post details the psychological characteristics of a server I had at Red Robin. No kidding. I am no psychoanalyst, but this poor kid gushed out his life story to my partner and I, at the booth while we ordered giant burgers.

The young man was handsome, yet very chunky, and he was sweating like he'd just run a 20K in the Sahara. He talked speedily, and regaled us with pleasantries, explaining the entire menu to us (hmm, we've seen menus before). He felt it necessary to share with us that he'd fought with his girlfriend, couldn't sleep at all the previous night, and needed desparately to do laundry.We were chid for being "booth snobs", as all the servers struggle for tips if they don't have booths in their territories.

This kid's aura was all over the place, upset, dazed, frazzled, yet trying to please. The chaos was interesting to listen to. I think my partner felt he should charge for counseling time (he is a social worker!). In the noise of the crowded restaurant, with the whirr of the blender, the blare of the music, and the laughing, crying, scolding, and discussing coming from all tables, I could see that our server really was being impacted by it all.

Come to think of it, I need to do some clearing to release the stress of this scene. It was madly chaotic, and noisy environments are difficult for me to bear (noisy psychically as well as physically loud). Ground ground ground. Don't let me throw that trip on you-- you ground too, if you like.

I've got so much joy about the evening. We went out to somewhere fun (instead of fast food), and I enjoyed being out and about. The food was fantastic, and I got a smoothie (feeling virtuous, although the caloric expenditure was no doubt high). The guy was funny, that's what I'm saying.

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