Friday, June 15, 2007

What's funny today??

Pure happiness gives me a smile today, even with the taste of bad coffee in my mouth, a light headache, and an insufficient bank account. You can laugh because I am "hippied-out" today with my gray embroidered dress and my Crocs and my mismatched (both black) socks. You can laugh because my tattoo is showing and I love it. You can smile because my ponytail is probably what's giving me the slight headache.

I can smile because my blog's name is Spla-choo, because I am a technical writing psychic, and because I had a stale jelly stick (Dunkin Donuts Donut) that probably turned my tongue a slight tinge of red along with the brownish yellow tinge from the coffee. I can smile because I am a fortunate homeowner (at least, mortgager) about to hand over the old keys to the old landlord, Hallelujiah!

I can smile because I enjoy the simple things in life, like my partner taking me out for Dairy Queen last night. I can smile for the too many nuts in my sundae (yes, I didn't know it was possible).

I can smile because I've shared this with you, the ether, or at least myself for bringing it all into conscious thought. I can smile because I'm an Alaskan and I saw an Alaska license plate today.

I love this life, and I thank my soul for picking it out.

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