Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy, what's a psychic?

I think some people might be turned off or offended by my use of the term psychic. After all, it can refer to mind-readers, spoon-benders, fire-starters, hoax-spreaders, Ouija-board-users, telephone-cheaters, and the like. However, I have learned that being psychic has more to do with developing one’s ability to sense the things that are frequently unseen, unheard, unnoticed. Also, being psychic is a journey of mine to become more authentic to myself. I tap into energies larger than myself (some would say higher power energies) and I’m able to clarify my own mission on this planet.

Sure, I have some strange beliefs. For example, I do believe in reincarnation. But is that any stranger than believing in virgin birth, The Flood, or a host of angels in ranks? However, these beliefs don’t really intertwine with being psychic. I could be psychic and Christian, or psychic and agnostic.

This all sounds very Aquarian, right, very crystal energy and yadda yadda yadda? Well, yes. Having a sense of humor means that sometimes you have to laugh about the weirdness. What verifiable proof have I about auras, chakras, or higher planes? No proof whatsoever. What proof have you that God hears you pray? Again, no proof. There is faith involved here. But the bigger mission, bigger than knowing the precise configuration of the truth, is the seeking. I practice meditation and developing my intuition because I feel I learn truths, I feel more healthy and supported, and I feel interested and interesting.

Know that most psychics cannot necessarily pick each thought from your brain like a cosmic pickpocket—even the very talented ones. Most psychics don’t have great luck picking lottery numbers. Being psychic is not a parlor trick, or a game, not for the honest. Messages and intuitions come through patchily sometimes, but the cool thing is that the messages aren’t really the important part.

This is all unclear, and goes against my urge to write this technically. What’s so funny about being a psychic? Well, the bullshit meter has to be on All The Time. Constantly I weigh the useful against the suspect. Imagine living in a world where the laws of gravity changed daily, or were so complex they were hard to quantify. That’s my world. Having an open mind means sometimes I have to suspend disbelief before I say X, Y, or Z is completely inane.

Think about Dark Matter. Proven? Believed in? What about God. Proven? Believed in?

If there is a choice between believe and not-believe, I will always be on the side of believe. There’s no question. Because I know of the infinite mystery of all that is. I know there is so much we don’t know. I am not the definer of truth, nor is my sense any more valuable than others sense—but I do know that majority doesn’t always know better. The majority used to believe in hitting children. The majority used to believe in marrying off 12 year old girls to 40 year old men. The majority used to believe in a flat world. What other majority beliefs are pure crapola?

So, this post makes no sense. But since nobody is reading this blog, I assume I’ll be safe.

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