Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eye Oh Ewe

(AKA: I owe you an ewwww)

Dear Blog,

You have sat here and whiled away while I had a busy week of work. Many entertaining things happened, including my calling the gas company about skunk smell and the subsequent skunk bombing of my impetuous Chihuahua, Salvador Doggie. And yet, I did not write.

I did not write about my fascinating weekend meditating on internal organs, hormones, and blood vessels to promote health (truly more cosmic than it sounds). I did not write about being brave and swimming in a weedy, yet refreshing, lake. I did not write about my sweet co-worker using the "devil's number" as a sample identification number in a video (apparently, it is a very lucky number in China).

I did not write about needing to travel to upstate New York to clean out my Grandma's house for purposes of sale, leaving early tomorrow, and not having one clean pair of panties, one clean pair of socks (even mismatched), or any clean and appropriate clothing for my 95-year-old Aunt Margaret's birthday celebration.

So IOU. I owe you some reaking descriptions of skunky action. I owe you some Fantastic Inner Body Adventures. And you're not even getting a "Fridays @ Work" column.

With regrets, I leave you, but I am to return next Friday.

Much love,



FranIAm said...

Safe and good travels to you!

Imti said...

Hey Gorgeous, I finally updated my Memeaphilia entry. Check it out.

A big hug for your week away.