Friday, July 6, 2007


1. You are very snarky and funny in your posts. Have you always been this way? How has that served you in life? (2 parts to one question!)

I have always been…honest. What started out as a liability has become more of an asset. For example, I was that kid who pointed out spelling errors on signs in the grocery store. I thrive on attention, so when I discovered I could get a good laugh out of people one time out of ten (if I could also handle the groan nine times out of ten) I went with it.

Blogging has been interesting, because the potential (if only the merest potential) of an actual audience seems to make me funnier.

2. Can you say a few words other than what we have read on your blog, about your interest in being psychic and your ability to be so?

I have always had a sense of familiarity with the paranormal. I enjoy what is beneath the surface. Frequently I have picked people’s thoughts right out of the air and finished their sentences. This can be an annoying habit for others, so I try to keep my mouth shut. Also, this doesn’t work all the time, I just open my mouth and it pops out. This doesn’t work on command.

Right now I have the ability to find lost items (sometimes, if I concentrate), the ability to read auras, an ability to help people heal, and a gift for channeling guides or other energies. However, this is all somewhat untrained. It is important for me not to develop an ego around my gifts. I enjoy reading my own aura and stuck energies, as well, because often I get past life glimpses, and so on.

I have recently learned that it is very important to control one’s ability to be psychic, especially if one is gifted. It can be a little dangerous being able to feel others’ energy. For example, just walking around and getting the sense that someone is a child abuser is not pleasant. Nor is it provable. So, there is this information you can’t always do something with, and that can be frustrating. I get accused of being judgmental, but people always come out the way I had pegged them.

So, I suppose the straightforward answer is that being psychic is the given, and being able to safely use my intuition is akin to knowing a lot of words and wanting to use good grammar. Without control of the language, I cannot effectively use the tool and could get myself into a lot of trouble.

3. American Idol - yes or no. Please explain why.

No. I never got into American Idol. I don’t like that people seem to pick songs that we’ve all heard a million times. I would rather the Idols got their street cred the way everyone else gets it—singing in small clubs, taking voice lessons, practicing, learning to play the piano, and so on.

4. How are things at MOMP's porch?

Ah, the porch is still not done. I hope it will be done in the next month. I feel the vacation was sent to us so that we could see how we react to adversity as a couple. Also, it gave me a window into PJ’s childhood. I cannot imagine that force of negativity always lording over me like a storm cloud. Good grief, no wonder he’s a little wacky sometimes.

5.You have won the Powerball Megamillions lottery - about 250 million. What will you do?

Thank you for asking this question. Dreaming of spending my millions is one of my favorite games. Here’s my strategy.

· First, I pay off all car/house/education/credit card loans for myself and all of my family and close friends. I start a trust fund that would pay out for illness, education, and old age.

· Then, I get a whole new wardrobe, and get help finishing the house and cleaning it up.

· Next, I start a private school and safe house for LGBT teens and youth. I would develop an experiential curriculum and get the advice of my remarkable mother, who has been an educator all her life. I would hire instructors and interns from the LGBT community. The school would get a big chunk of money, they they’d eventually have to be self sustaining.

· Next, I would buy the cottage Up North from my MOMP, for PJ. That way, the whole inheritance question would be solved (4 kids, not all want the cottage).

· Now it’s time for a trip to the British Isles. I’d probably go on a Goddess tour with PJ. Then we could go anywhere he wants to go.

· Back at home, I would get a personal trainer and yogini, and together we’d practice and develop a yoga studio for plus sized men and women.

· Attached to the studio would be a new age shop with all sorts of cool items. I would not supply cheesy items, though.

· Then I’d go back to school and get my MFA in creative writing, do a lot of traveling, and do a lot of mediation and writing.

· Eventually I’d teach psychic development and do psychic healings and readings for others.

· I’d learn about trees and start a sacred grove of trees, with one tree at all the cardinal directions.

Whew! What an exciting life I have. Thanks for asking!

These questions are courtesy of FranIAm:

Thanks for the interview. Now it is time for me to ask you interview questions. Just post here to ask for an interview. This is FUN! I hope I can come up with questions as interesting as Fran’s!


Interview rules: 1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."

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3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


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