Saturday, July 28, 2007

You can call me Flower if you want to

Ah, the joys of encountering Mother Nature's creatures, especially the Skunk.

Our newly-resident skunk sprayed for the first time, and we believed, in succession, that there was
a) an electrical fire
b) a chemical reaction to the stuff in our pipes and Liquid Plumber in the clogged tub drain
c) a gas leak
d) a chemical spill nearby

Instead, it was our friendly skunk. However, instead of thinking about skunks, I allowed my little pups to run outside without leashes soon after. My poor Salvador Doggie paid the price with a full-on spray to the face. This stuff is nasty, yellow, unguent, ewww. Definitely not the skunky smell you get from scratch-n-sniff stickers, or certain coffees.

It was chaos as I tried to avoid throwing up, while herding my little disobedient doggies into the sunroom and yelling for PJ. We mixed up a potion of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, but could not find the baking soda. And I, being the valiant Mommy, shampooed both doggies. Macchi was not really sprayed, but Salvador...well, he was rank. The smell hung in the house like a pall.

The next day, another shampoo, this time with the prescribed baking soda, did not completely deodorize Salvador. In fact, he is still a little stinky in the muzzle area. It is too bad, because I love to smell my doggies. What a weird thing, huh? Anyway, we've been told that Massengil(l?) douche is good for skunk scent removal. At least, the doggies could then walk on the beach with that feeling of freshness like a Summer's Eve. I don't know. I'm skeptical.

Apparently there are skunk banes that we could sprinkle around the yard. But until I get that in place I will be walking the dogs, on leashes, out front.

I like learning things, but this lesson was very stinky. Pew.

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