Thursday, September 6, 2007

Recent Email Corn-versation

PJ: What ya want for din din?????
Rion: If you want to just stop by McD's or BK, I'd take a salad with low fat dressing.
PJ: Kind of salad???? one with chicken on it?
Rion: Yep. Just avoid grilled and you should be fine:-) Thank you!
PJ: You mean, avoid fried, right?
Rion: Oops, yes, I mean I want grilled. Must have been a fried-ian slip.
PJ: I agrease.
Rion: I'm tempura-arily avoiding too much fat.
PJ: It's bad for you, that's a fat!
Rion: Yes, my chow-lesterol has been too high.
PJ: Ok....I give up!

Ah, how he humors me!

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