Thursday, September 6, 2007

Scatological Sunrise

Since the last blog was urine-related, let me wax poetic for a moment about shit.

Driving home on Monday, I encountered behavior that was truly shitty. During my one potty stop, I pulled off on the Holly, Michigan exit (or thereabouts), seeing that there were gas stations. Surely there were bathrooms available!

Michigan does not have rest stops like they have on the Thruway. Nope, you look for gas stations. Because of the lack of rest stops (there are a few) most gas stations offer facilities. So, in desparate need of powdering my nose I stopped at a BP. The green places. They always have bathrooms.
However, I had forgotten that it is Renaissance Fest season. There was a sign up: "No Public Restrooms" scrawled in pen and taped on the glass door. Hmm, suspiciously looks like some gas station owners or employees don't want to clean up after extra visitors. But, my saving grace was a big overhead billboard that advertised Liquor Beer and Wine at the Citgo gas station one mile down the road. Already in great need, I dashed to my car and drove off to the other gas station.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but another crappy sign. It did point out a Porta Potty, around the side. Again, this is a major chain that should have had restrooms. However, I bit the bullet and went into the plastic box, only to be dismayed by the gigantic and horrid pile of human waste in the pit. These things are supposed to be cleaned out, people!


To make matters worse, there was no toilet paper.

Now this is the darnedest thing: The gas stations make more money due to extra travellers, but don't want to pay the expense of providing facilities for the extra travellers.

Now that is truly shitty.

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FranIAm said...

One thing that is so clear when you go to Europe or really almost anywhere else I have been (south america, israel, asia) - toilets everywhere for everyone.

You can walk into any cafe in Paris, go down the stairs (always down the stairs) and go do you business and leave.

There are also public toilets- not those awful porta-shitty things aplently.

American puritanical issues. We hate the smell of our own shit and derive twisted pleasure from denying folks the right to eliminate.

What a country.