Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sitting in the Back of Your Own Classroom, Meditating

How to learn your life's path for today

Last night's episode of NUMB3RS mentioned the concept of sitting in the back of your own classroom. While I am aware that such a source is none too literary, I felt it deserved credit for this response.

How many times have you given good advice about interpersonal issues? We all do it. We urge lovers to leave unfaithful spouses; unfaithful spouses to fess up; grumpy coworkers to cheer up and do the best with their tasks, even when passed over for raises.

Likewise, how many times have you talked about ways to lower the fat in traditional dishes; get more exercise; train dogs properly; stay calm.

So, we're all great teachers. But can we be good students? Can we listen to our own advice?

This is where reflection comes in. A meditation practice can assist us in being truthful with ourselves, and in following our own best advice. Regardless of whether the meditation is active or silent, chanting or praying, religious or secular, it can help us focus and remember our own worth, our intuition, and our intrinsic value as spirits in this world.

Hint: I'm teaching you so I can get the reminder. Blessed be.

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Maria said...

I am my own worst teacher. I never listen to myself and I talk back.