Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raw Milk Angst

I need your help.
If you know about the pros and cons of raw milk, please chime in. I just read about 10 articles from the Dairy Journal that warn that raw milk is a public health risk, and not any better in nutrition. Meanwhile, my alternative doctor is saying that drinking raw milk is far better in nutrition, with better accessible nutrients, and that it is not worth drinking pasteurized milk at all. To make matters worse, the raw milk is illegal and expensive. One has to purchase a cow share in order to drink it.

I'm looking for you folks in California to chime in!

I am all psyched about trying the guidelines set forth in Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Fallon and Enig...then I read these articles and it took the wind from my sails.

Any ideas?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

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Real Title: Blogging Around
Today my goal is to discover ten cool blogs.

  1. Fistacuffs. This site is a contest site for artists who are challenged to draw wonderful superheros, or other such characters. The creativity of these artists is paramount. It is wonderful to see so many different types of artistry-- from the sacred to the profane and everything in between. Check out Maple Ann Eggs by Rosemary VanDeuren.
  2. Gay Uganda. "The sun rises, and goes down. The rain falls, and clouds sweep across the skies. And the day is still beautiful, when there is rain and when there is sunshine. I never knew that I would ever get this mastery of the language that I use in writing. I mean, a secret. I stammer. Considerably!" Can this quote say it all for me? What a discovery!
  3. Vegan Lunch Box. Check out May 7. What a wonderful excuse to be creative: Lunch! Those vegans are creative of necessity, and even omnivores can benefit.
  4. Origami Tessellations. The nature of folded paper at its most intricate. Meditative.
  5. ilovetypography. The curves and lines of a good typeface bring us back to the beauty of the beginnings of language and letters. Such subtlety. The microcosm of how we print what we are trying to express is important and poetic.
  6. Risley Ranch. Creative types on the other side of the spectrum. I was snagged by this wondeful piece about the tao of milking a cow. A lot of content about social networking. Check out Micro Persuasion, as well.
  7. Philly Roller Girls. Click on a team name, then an individual skater's name. The outfits are out of this world!
  8. 7 Color Lagoon. Despite some weird formatting, this blog has diverse and fascinating topics, nice photos.
  9. Visual Mumbling. A photoblog that looks on middle America with incredible sensitivity and reverence.
  10. Big Fat Deal. A size acceptance blog (in other words, it is okay to be a big beautiful woman!). Charming: it doesn't hit you over the head with political talk, just about being fat and gorgeous. Loving it! I am currently working on getting healthy, but my goal weight is still considered "moderately obese". Pshaw!