Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raw Milk Angst

I need your help.
If you know about the pros and cons of raw milk, please chime in. I just read about 10 articles from the Dairy Journal that warn that raw milk is a public health risk, and not any better in nutrition. Meanwhile, my alternative doctor is saying that drinking raw milk is far better in nutrition, with better accessible nutrients, and that it is not worth drinking pasteurized milk at all. To make matters worse, the raw milk is illegal and expensive. One has to purchase a cow share in order to drink it.

I'm looking for you folks in California to chime in!

I am all psyched about trying the guidelines set forth in Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Fallon and Enig...then I read these articles and it took the wind from my sails.

Any ideas?


FranIAm said...

I know nothing my friend. Good luck with this.

Do you have access to organic milk from a local dairy? Pasteurized or not I would think that would be a good alternative.

Honestly the raw milk freaks me out a bit. That's just me.

Joey said...

I would not touch raw milk. The fact that it is illegal should send up red flags.

Do you have to drink milk at all? I mean, I LOVE milk but I would think that you can "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" without it...

Just my two cents.

How are you doing???

Rion said...

just lost 30 LBS!
lovin it

Anonymous said...

Hey...I found your blog from the Google NT on a budget forum that I started...You know I'm going to advocate raw milk, but here is the thing:

Factory farm milk HAS to be pasturized. The cows are fed grain, not grass, which turns their stomachs to an unnatural acidic state, causing several diseases. Furthermore, they aren't kept in the cleanest of conditions.
So it's pasturized to keep people from getting sick.

The problem is...pasturization really does render the milk useless to the human body. The enzymes needed to digest protein and calcium are killed during pasturization.

If you can find a good, trustworthy source of raw milk, I would take advantage of it. You should be able to see the cow and be very confident that it's kept in clean conditions. People have drank raw milk from their family cow for thousands and thousands of years...there is nothing freaky or weird about it. What's freaky and weird is drinking a gallon of milk from a grocery store from the udders of many cows that are sick and packed into unsanitary conditions....gross.

Another really good book that expounds on Sally Fallon and Mary Enig is "Real Food" by Nina Planck. It has a lot of good info on the "why" of all this. Sorry this post is so long! Cheers!


Rion said...

Thanks to my NT list buddy for all the good info.

I am making my own yogurt, no raw milk yet (hard to get!). I am also making my own kefir.

All good!