Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weird Cuisine

I've entered the strange and mysterious realm of the kefirphiliac, cultured-food nut. My fridge and cupboard contain colonies of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that will colonize my internal ecology with happy enzymes and bad-bacteria fighting power.

I am making water kefir, milk kefir, and yogurt-- doing things one is usually not used to doing like leaving things out to grow bacteria! I'm eating food that makes my coworkers cringe like radish kim chee (spelling is really variable) from the local Korean restaurant.

I'm also healthier in body than I have been in about a decade. Weight Watchers didn't do it. I lost weight, but used my points to "buy" McDonald's Chicken McNuggets(R) and low fat Twinkies. When I went off it, the weight came back with friends. I'm managing not to drink soda pop. My frequent headaches and digestive distress are a thing of the past.

Thank you Nourishing Traditions (a "counterculture" nutrition guide/cookbook) and Dr. Debra Alspector who encouraged me to read up on the NT folks. It's bizarre (you soak your grains, eat fermented foods), high in fat (yum, full fat yogurt and butter and milk), and contains meat (gasp! but they are happy animals that get to pasture). What's more, a little less-processed sweetening is okay, like evaporated cane juice (succanat), raw honey, and maple syrup.

Thank you, also, to DOM, who is just about the most famous kefir guru out there, and who publishes his (very scientific and detailed) knowledge about kefir and other ferments to the web.

So ya think I'm a little crazy. Crazy but feeling like a million bucks, and not starving doing it.

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FranIAm said...

If you feel good and it is helping then that is what you need!