Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have recently become involved in the fantastic OutLoud Chorus, Washtenaw County's LGBT chorus. The members are fantastic--of all ages and from different careers. I'm enjoying getting to know these folks. The singing is good for the soul. It reminds me of how much work it is to sing, but also how rewarding it can be when you really put some artistry into it. However, we don't get too serious, so if anyone screws up they don't get in any trouble! There are always wisecracks and smiles in the group.

Our last concert (my first with the chorus) was A Choir Cabaret. We sang "Fever", "Flip Flop Fly", "Swinging on a Star", and many other favorites. The little flair we added at the end with clapping, movements, etc. was fun. Perhaps we should start earlier next time so everyone can remember their parts! In one we are supposed to end the song by smirking at somebody sitting next to us. Lorrel and I had trouble not cracking up. I do admit I can have pretty funny faces, even without trying. My little solo part (a verse of SoaS) was awesome. I liked the attention and a lot of people I didn't know complimented my mini-performance and said I had presence on stage. That means a lot since I haven't been able to be on stage in a long time, since my performance as Fred in Once Upon a Mattress in senior year of high school. In an alternate reality, I might have been an actor. Perhaps now I'll get involved with community theatre around here.


It seems like there is so much to do and so little time. I want to become all kinds of people in one lifetime. I know that won't happen. But I shall list them here.

Current aspirations of people to be:
-Professional psychic
-Lounge act singer
-Organic gardener
-Savvy businessperson

(um, indpendently wealthy wouldn't be bad)

Much love to all,


Anonymous said...

You're back. Yay!

FranIAm said...

I have not been here for ages and you are just back yourself sister!

Whoo hoo- may you sing with wild abandon and joy my friend.

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